Tony Williams


Tony Williams

Tony has been a potter for many years from 1976, working with and influenced by the work and philosophy of Peter Rushforth, a foremost Australian pioneer in ceramics. Tony has ceramic pieces in private collections in Australia, Great Britain and Canada.


Since 2006 Tony has been painting in acrylics for their immediacy and vibrancy. “Working in the vicinity of other artists at Lennox Street Studios is essential to my work. I draw from the energy of those creative people and hopefully return that energy to the cosmos!” Tony has work in private collections in Australia and Great Britain.


I like to leave finding meaning up to the observer.

I call my work abstract landscape – at times like floating above the landscape and interpreting the view from above, or looking through. My work emerges from my attachment to our land, be it urban, rural or outback landscapes. Through this I hope to convey my spiritual and emotional attachment to our landscape. I want people to find joy and colour and positive energy in my work, to feel uplifted and energised.



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