Souzie Hart

My art practice engages with the Transformative Powers of Art.


A call for creation arises out of an architectural problem or a given space that needs to be worked with, or when “found objects” are discovered. My task as an artist is simply to bring these back to life, to enliven them through Embellishment or Up-Cycling.


As a result, the process often brings a new perspective on what we meet in daily life, or may even challenge concepts and ideas.  My art is also imbued by a certain French-ness, an inevitable factor when your birthplace is called France. It could therefore be said that my art is a meeting place for what is French in me, within or as part of the Australian backdrop, which promises an interesting and inquisitive contrast.


CATEGORIES: Multi-media art, Textile art, up-cycling with a certain “je-ne-sais-quoi”, drawings, sculptures



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