Rachel Honnery

Rachel Honnery is currently enrolled in a Master of Fine Art at the University of NSW. Her research is an investigation into the impact of plastic in our marine environments. She imagines new forms of hybrid flora and fauna; mutated corals that are half scleractinian, half plastic, dystopian creatures that remind us of our indifference towards plastic now and for hundreds of years into the future.


“I like to think of plastics as a material artefact, disintegrating and transforming both physically and functionally. Overtime plastics break down in the marine environment. The chemical sequence that makes up plastic will lose chains, rendering the plastic toxic. The shapes of the plastic objects become weatherworn and broken. The plastic’s purpose also changes when it is discarded. No longer a vessel or a lid the plastic becomes adrift, a floating interference in the water.”

CATEGORIES: installation, documentation, drawing and painting

CONTACT: rhonnery@gmail.com



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