Penny Ryan

Penny works in ceramics, installation, video, painting and drawing.  Penny’s current art practice is  figurative painting with a political/social commentary focus.


Connecting Hearts (2016-19), her social engagement project exploring our interconnectedness as humans across borders, has involved over 6000 people actively participating in making and installing small terracotta human hearts. In 2018 Penny was commissioned by King's College London and the UK Migration Museum to work with Londoners around the impact of Brexit. In 2019 the Adelaide Migration Museum commissioned Penny to conduct  heart making workshops and a two day  installation at the Botanic Gardens. An exhibition of this work is also appearing at the Adelaide Migration Museum from November to January 2019.


Penny’s work is in public and private collections in the USA, UK and Australia. Penny has an Advanced Diploma in Printmaking from Meadowbank TAFE,  and a Masters in Fine Arts from the National Art School, Sydney.

CATEGORIES: Painting, sculpture



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