Amy Dynan


Amy Dynan

My charcoal portraiture and still life compositions use symbolism to explore ideas of Being and self in contemporary life. My art practice rationale is to apply drawing to contemporary themes of self, exploring Being as the merging of self and world.


I feel most alive when charcoal drawing. For me, the drawing process is a deeply calming and meditative experience through which I contemplate the world. The repetitive, labour intensive and time consuming method forces me to be still—a repetition of movement through which the pace of my mind stills to meet the rhythm of the body. My physical experience of Being is realised in the moving meditation of the drawing process. Drawing within the portraiture and the still life genres offers varied platforms for exploring the social, psychological and physical landscape of the self.


Most recently in my work, my use of charcoal has shifted to the painterly by applying and blending charcoal powder using dry paintbrushes and then working into the powder with erasers. The merging of the drawn/painterly aesthetic invites the viewer to engage with the dialogue of materiality and symbolism. This visual language is now the foundation for a new body of work that merges abstract and photo real imagery as a metaphor for the merging of internal and external worlds.




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